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Life as I know it on a Thursday...

Today was freaking excruciating. Web class homework... to read the next tutorial!!! ARGH! I love reading, but... this book makes me feel like books like this one shouldn't exist! Then again, it might be helping someone or other?! Yeah. Understood. Yes, I know.

Then there's the thing that I've been up all day trying to finish 40-60 pages of e-mail programs, and I finish at 9:15 (almost 30-ish), and yeah... it's time for sleep, but...

I will have English homework to woe myself over on Friday!!! Whoopie for me!

*sarcasm intended* xD

But yeah.

Life goes on, and so do I...

P/s: I made a cool story today!!! And I'll be posting it up on my Storywrite page. ^___^ Tomorrow, that is... Friday... may you be blessed!

Second day... cold's coming!

:aww: Supposedly Autumn/Fall is coming in and it's about to be the end of Summer. I'm glad partially because that means that we might get snow. I'm a bit depressed because I'm waiting for some love to show. :giggle:

But yeah, I'm still writing onto my fics (lol, Love Between Enemies never got me interested at first, but now... it has a different plot, and the first chapter is from 3 years ago xD I find it funny, but yeah... I don't know about you). So yes, I'm writing, and doing my homework at the same time. :D

Of course, I'm getting something else for English, and a lot for Math. I only have to read one chapter for my Web class. :D And I'll be done for the week...!

Lol, well, I might post later, so...

Ciao! :wave:

P/s: I can't wait to keep using my new white, fluffy, and comfy coat. ^_^ Lol, talk about random... ;D

A wondrous Tuesday...

I have found out today that sometimes writing something new isn't really easy. xD Well, I looked over my fics on HPFF, and saw that I really have been lazy as of lately. =D

I have about 21 stories/fics, and only 3 of them are completed. It makes me laugh and it makes me want to finish up really badly. So yeah... I'm trying fit in an amount of time for writing my fics and adding onto my original stories (which will be books some day in my life, I'm sure).

The good news about this morning is: I finished all of my homework and I only have my Web Fundamentals class left...! Lol. =] So yeah, I'm working it! xD

I'm also starting to read up on one of the books that I bought on Sunday. I'm planning on making some more planning for digital works, so expect some line art on DA. :D

And that's about it for now... No rants, no other thoughts until later, I'm sure. :)

Writer, poet, and whatever you want me to be,

P/s: Life goes on!!! And I'm in love (once again) of Eric. :) Phantom of the Opera needs a new version again, me thinks... ;D

Today, today - last August day...!

Just got back from Forsyth Tech -- and I already have homework. :)

I'm planning on getting it done now rather than later, but yeah. I'm also trying to plan out some artwork that I want to work on with a tablet. (I'm getting one in October...! =]) And I'm thinking about going through all my house to find some paints... and get myself some paper put together or at least a large poster paper thing to start up a water color portrait (or something). And life goes on...

I bought some bookies yesterday and I'm most definitely going to read them today. =] Once I get done with my homework, anyhow. xD

P/s: I'm gonna be on DA (deviant art) for the rest of the day. Invierno1505 is the place to go. :D I might even work on some fanfiction if ever... :)

Fill up my glass, I say!

Today was boring, rather dull. I peeped out of my dreams four times, but I fell back into them. I hate waking up, you see. Then again, I had to study -- not a good combination, especially with a boring Web fundamentals book...

But yes, I spent my day making some food in the morning, reading one of my friend's stories (she's planning on publishing, and I think that she'll do a great job of it!), and just taking the day off...

It's not exactly the best stuff to do, then again... Saturday's my next off day! ^__^ And it makes me happy to do so.

I'm currently writing onto my Random Story (1), and finishing up one of my stories that I plan to publish.

I'm also planning on making some art this week... and finally getting a wacom tablet from my Dad (from his money, of course ).

But yeah -- I'm filling my glass as I go.

This week has been full of excitement, fun, and awesomeness. And yes, I give that to the reason of having College classes.

And life goes on...

*glass gets full* And I'm now ready for a refill... yeah? Yeahhhhh!


I found an Art scholarship (only that the other one that I found... I wasn't...ah... as eligible xD), but yeah! I'm so excited! :dance:

And I told my Dad that the only kinda art that I'm good at so far is digital art (you don't have to use materials or anything), so yeah...

I'm going to make 20 art pieces and send them off to attain the scholarship!

And yes, I'm getting a tablet! ^____^ w00t!

& now I hope that I'll win.

No... wait... I think I'll win... something like $1,000! ^___^

Word, I haven't even started yet. :blush: But I'm sure that I'm going to get some stuff done. :D
I've just noticed something extremely peculiar.

I love fictional blokes.

And I've always wondered why.

Then again, the answer always pops up.

There will never be a real boy that is like them.

From the fictional Edward Cullen (who is so freaking sneaky and somewhat... annoying...), Zane Cobriana (who is the most wonderful dude to have sticking to your side... he's extremely romantic... and also sneaky... but lovely, anyhow), and others... I have found that I really (really) need to find a love of my own, despite the fact that there will be no boys exactly like them. And yeah, another clue to this ideal (or rather - accusation) is that if I've never had a boyfriend (yes, peeps, I haven't and it frightens me o_0).

And that is my ultimate realization.

I have no love life = making fictional characters to fall in love with is --- BAD. :(

So does anyone have any tips about how to avoid this problem? *feels vulnerable and frightened of love... for life*

Or should I simply talk to someone about this?


This was meant to be yesterday's journal. xD

The main idea for today is: how will College be for the first time?! I'd imagine it being fun, but I've yet to go... Today's my first day; wish me luck. :bounce:


Last week! *eeeeeeek!*

Today's a totally harmonious day. Not.

My Mother's with a terrible migraine.

I'm finishing up old fics.

I've become terrified of what my first college/school week is going to be like...

I've phased through a depression last week, and I hope it won't happen again. I bloody hate those days, and the people that cause them.

Hm... and my Muse seems to have been apt with some HGSS... *smiles*

For some odd reason... they're always there. :giggle:

Lol, to check out my horrible teenaged fics:


And I hope that the end of the day gets better... :D I think I might be needing some artwork and perhaps a walk through the park... :love: and some SS to make me smile again. Then again...

life goes on, doesn't it?


Muse come hither...

Sometimes it's as if life doesn't have a point anymore, and during these times I find myself looking through every website that I know of. Although I'm running a bit short on words from my Muse (the muse of Romance and Love... whomever he or she may be...), I think that I've had an idea of what to write... but



escapes me.

You know the feeling that someone gets when you know what you're going to do, but






It's happening to me today, and it's been going on for a while, and well...

My 18th is this July... (the 28th, for those that ask), and I'm hoping to enjoy it to the fullest.

I might even upload all of my doodles onto DeviantArt, for all I know! Yet, so far... I'm not sure on what to do with my life.

So yes, back to the beginning (that dwindled away as I continued to speak my twisted mind onto this text area *rolls eyes*) -- I've just seen northangel27's journal, which ever so slowly caught my eye... and at once I felt bonded to her (whomever she may be). Missing Severus Snape is a biggie for me since I try to write him in my fics as the survivor character that ends up with a woman that feels strangely connected to him... and well... It's been a while (perhaps 3 years for me? -- *thinks about 5-last HP book*) that I fell in love with Severus (or Sev, if he let me call him that someday...).

True, he may feel disgust for himself (even prestige for his high education and the footsteps that he took away from his abusive home)... he may still be head over heels in love with Lily Potter (never Evans again since James captured her whole and securely to his chest *smiles softly*), and he might as well want to be dead for all we know -- but he will never tear himself out of my heart. I love every single thing about him -- from his snarky responses to his colleagues, his arched elegant, long and dark eyebrow (*melts in place*), his thin smirking lips (*giggles to self*), to his deep, intense, and disolving obsidian eyes... *wishes deep deep inside that he would embrace her*

As a whole he was a great man (dead or alive), and he did what he had to.

God, I love this man to the soul/sole of my body.

And that is why I will continue to write about him in his best light - despite being a double-spy and a great one at that... despite everyone's toss-away of a response... I will do so until the end. *Will remain faithful 'til the end*

*gives Sev a moment of silence*

Okay, so now that I'm over my chest-clenching feeling, I will continue on to my news:

I'm writing a novel (2, in fact), and I've been off of my fanfiction for quite a while (since January). Thus far, I've made up my mind that I can do most of these at once (whenever my Muse attacks me head on -- who ever he or she may be *sighs*). So yes, the one that's probably getting finished up first will be "Forced". Then after that, perhaps I will get in tune to finish my never-ending "Behind the Sketches" (My succeeding Severus/OC *beams*). And yes, that's about it.

Now, wasn't this my longest post ever?

Oh, yeah.... before I leave: I'm posting something new on my DeviantArt. It's all guys! *grins brightly* Well, it's all about boy expressions. I tried to put my dear Sev in it, but I haven't had the chance of overcoming his complicated visage (which Sempra does so well... *blushes*).

So yes, that's the end for now. :D

Thankies for reading, if you have... and please speak to me! *is lonely as crumbs in a bag of doritos that was thrown away*



Hehehe... writing's tough, isn't it?

Okay, the whole new update/perspective of today is the following:

One - I have graduated (YESH! Like FINALLY! )
Two - I have too much freetime now... *sigh* Summer hols, or as you would say... "Summer Vacation! W00t!" Hm, not for me, apparently... *has a killer headache*
Three - I have a Pet in PetCentral to feed and nurish, but how do you do that when you get like a small percentage of points/coins?! *is terribly feeling insane... slowly insane, that is*
Four - I'm sketching just because I feel like it and I'm going to be adding stuff this whole week.
Five - There's a downside to uploading stuff: I turned in my wacom tablet *holds on a moment to cry, but returns for the next fit*
Six - Father's Day and my bro's b-day (the 29th this month) are both coming up (and whoa - do I dislike giving stuff to those two *hint, hint - my Dad and my brother... shnap... what shall I buy... what shall I make to give as a present? - I have no $$ *).
Seven - I am going to have killer headaches for the rest of this summer...
Eight - Harry Potter's coming up, so is The Proposal, then there's the Night at the Museum (don't ask why I want to see it - Lincoln, the Egyptian guy, Octavius, and the Cowboy are going to star in it! -- Oh, and the same goes for that dude, the Security Guard that always gets slapped by the monkey, who has a new friend now! Yesh, another monkey... *giggles* Wait, isn't the monkey a chimpanzee? *can't spell right now... it's 11:11... Make a wish... -promptly goes away-*), The Uglie Truth (starring Gerard Butler - Gerry!), 21 again (I really want to see this one!!!), um... and a whole bunch of other movies that I have absolutely no $$ to see!!!! *has to go to work....! and is dreading it*

So shea... onto Nine:

My Birthday is also coming up!!!! *Yayz in my empty page that only has about three watchers...* So yes, I will be enjoying that to an extent. I will also be posting more artwork! *grins*

And Ten:

I can't freaking wait until the Princess and the Frog comes out! *will study the new styles and how they put in the Jazz age*

I'm hoping to finish my IB RW (research workbook) Sketchbook once I get it back. It'll be of my new drawing, painting, and observational adventures! (And WHOOO! I'm going to let my teacher see it when I get back with my sister - just to VISIT! That's the good thing about graduating, you know... ^_^)

And yes, zat iz ze update!

Yo' ~Mel